About Jade Bultitude

Jade Bultitude is a twin mummy to her Benjamin and Elle Louise. She is a flute player and music educator with a passion for educating the next generation of musicians. Jade is a Masters Graduate from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance where she studied with Anna Noakes and Margaret Campbell. Prior to this she graduated from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire with a Bachelor of Music Honours degree. During this time she studied flute with Jonathan Rimmer, Colin Lilley, Marie-Christine Zupancic, Jane Mitchell (baroque flute) and Andrew Lane (piccolo). Prior to this she attended the Junior Guildhall School of Music and Drama studying with Nicolas Bricht. Jade is also a recipient of the Sir James Galway Rising Star Award and has been asked to perform at his festival in Switzerland.

Jade Bultitude, flute

Where did it all begin?

At the age of six years old, I was told that I had the wrong shaped mouth to play the flute! Now, one thing you should know about me is that I am incredibly stubborn! As you can imagine even if I had not wanted to play the flute, this made me do it to prove everyone wrong. I insisted that my parents allow me to go to flute lessons. I was quickly enrolled into classes at the local music school, Musicale, and the rest is history.

This brilliant school is where I found my passion for music and all things flute! I quickly joined every music activity going, including the Musicale Junior band, Musicale Flute Ensemble and the School Orchestra. Always desperate to move forward and play a piece that was probably out of my reach, much to the annoyance of my flute teacher! Eventually after a couple of years of playing I began lessons with the brilliant Elizabeth Child’s. Liz was such an inspiration for me and my playing went from strength to strength. She put me through my paces and made me work hard. At the age of ten I announced that I would like to be a professional flute player. Cue the groans from my parents… 

Attending the Junior Guildhall in London

Liz was so wonderful and helped me apply for the Junior Guildhall School of Music in London. This was so exciting! I had never heard of a conservatoire before. It was exciting to know that this was the first step into becoming a professional classical musician. The idea of travelling to London every Saturday to play music all day was so exciting so I quickly auditioned. Lucky enough, I managed to get a place and the next chapter of my musical life began. 

My mum took me to my first day at Junior Guildhall. When we arrived at Farringdon station we were unsure where to go from there. Time was running short so my mum and I decided to get a taxi. We hopped in and asked to go to the Guildhall. Little did we know that the Guildhall is actually a place in London, not just the music school! When we arrived, it was deserted! Iturns out that Guildhall is a business area which is completely empty at the weekend…as in nothing whatsoever is open. After walking around for what seemed like eternity, we luckily bumped into a police officer. This officer offered to take us to the actual Guildhall School of Music! I was by now almost hyperventilating and arrived at my first day with a police escort. 

Performing with the LSO

Many happy memories were made during my time at the Guildhall. I performed in many different projects, including an amazing opportunity with the LSO. For this, I had to wear a uniform and march into the barbican with my piccolo! I was also awarded a scholarship from the Harpenden Music Foundation that generously supported my studies. I had a wonderful teacher, Nicolas Bricht, who pushed me to work really hard. 

Alongside my time at Junior Guildhall I also took part in many holiday courses. I performed in the National Children’s Orchestra’s, Musicale Summer Courses, Flutewise courses… and many more! My poor parents had to take me to various music courses every holiday. When I got to the end of my school education, I began my auditions for the conservatoires of the UK. We began the CUKAS application process and off I went to audition. This was when I met my wonderful teacher, Jonathan Rimmer at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. 

University – Birmingham Conservatoire

My four years at the conservatoire were so fun and I learnt so much. Jonathan Rimmer was (and is!) such an inspiring and brilliant teacher who pushed me to my limits. When I got to conservatoire I realised how much work I still had to do. I had definitely been a big fish in a small pond at my school. Now was time for a reality check!

I learnt so much about myself during this time, mainly my resilience and my work ethic. Jonathan pushed me to practise for many hours a day. In my second year at the conservatoire, I managed to gain a place at the James Galway Summer Flute Festival. The first year on the course was really tough and definitely gave me even more of a wakeup call. No matter how good you are there is always someone better than you! I was definitely way out of my depth at the James Galway Flute Festival course. Never had I heard such good flute playing.

Sir James Galway Flute Festival

The first time I played, I completely plummeted, a combination of bad repertoire choices and not enough practice! The next year I was lucky to get a place again and I worked so hard for this. This time, I performed Burton Sonatina! I will never forget the surprised look on Sir James’s face at the progress I had made. That year I was awarded with a special engraved head joint from Haynes flutes and it was just incredible! It really was an amazing time in my life and I learnt so much. 

Jade Bultitude with Sir James Galway at Masterclass. Part of the Galway Flute Festival.
Jade Bultitude with Sir James Galway and Lady Jeanne Galway.

I continued to go to the course regularly as a scholarship student and then in 2014 I was awarded the Rising Star award. I cried when I received this as I could not believe that such a special award could be given to me! Turns out that if you work hard, anything is possible. 

Masters Degree – Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music

Getting towards the end of this degree, I knew I wasn’t done. I craved more experience, a new city and something else but I wasn’t sure what! In my year out I studied with Philippa Davies. I had met Philippa on the various music courses I had done.

I gained a place at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. This university has the most beautiful and inspiring surroundings. I was lucky enough to study with the incredible Anna Noakes. The Master’s degree was a real learning curve. My life was set up in Birmingham where I had recently met my now husband. Uprooting my life to London was incredibly difficult. 

My Master’s degree was generously supported by the Michael Hirst Foundation. I learnt so much amazing repertoire and achieved so much, coming out of this with a high distinction! I also achieved second place in the concerto competition and also played the C.P.E Bach concerto with orchestra. During this time I met my amazing friend and pianist Giulia Semerano. Together we have performed many concerts, including at the James Galway Festival 2015.  It was an amazing couple of years. 

Jade Bultitude with Sir James Galway.

Moving to Dubai…

Shortly after this I married my husband at a beautiful venue in Ilfracombe, Devon. It was perfect! But if that wasn’t stressful enough we decided to move to Dubai, United Arab Emirates the following week! Travel has been a big part of my life and this seemed the best way to continue our adventure. 

Jade Bultitude and Salman Whittaker, wedding day photo in Ilfracombe, Devon.

Since living in Dubai I have continued performing, working with Andrea Boccelli amongst others. However, I have mostly focused on my teaching. Currently I work at some of the top schools in Dubai. This includes Nord Anglia International School in association with Juilliard, Dubai College and Dubai English Speaking School. I have built these up and done my best to spread my love of music into another part of the world! 

I hope this website can serve as a great way to bring together a community of people who share a passion for music, education and self-development. 

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